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Tamryn Nel

Tamryn Nel

Managing Director

Tamryn Nel

Your Guide to Unforgettable Journeys

Founder & Director, Travel with Tambo

Welcome, fellow wanderlusters! I'm Tam, and for over 13 years, I've been crafting extraordinary travel experiences for curious minds and adventurous spirits. As the founder of Travel with Tambo, I bring not just industry expertise, but a deep-seated passion for uncovering the magic hidden in every corner of the world.

More Than Just a Travel Agent

Think of me as your travel guru, confidante, and fellow explorer. Having traversed the globe myself, I understand that impactful travel goes beyond ticking destinations off a list. It's about crafting journeys that ignite your soul, broaden your horizons, and leave you with a heart brimming with unforgettable memories.

Curating Experiences, Not Just Trips

At Travel with Tambo, we believe your travel story begins the moment you dream it. Our personalized itineraries cater to your unique desires and interests, ensuring every step of the way feels seamless and enriching. Whether you seek soul-stirring adventures or transformative cultural immersions, we'll guide you with expertise and unwavering support.

Travel that Transforms

We envision travel as a catalyst for growth. We want you to return home not just with stunning photos and souvenirs, but with a shifted perspective, a renewed sense of wonder, and a heart overflowing with experiences that enrich your life.

Ready to embark on your own life-changing journey? Let's explore the world together!

Tamryn Nel
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