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Corporate and Business
Travel Management Services

Who we are

We’ve been providing top-notch service for more than 10 years by assisting South Africa’s SME’s with their business travel requirements.

We’re a niche agency, we go beyond simply booking travel arrangements. We assist corporate clients in the creation of travel policies, we work hand in hand with the corporate travel booker to provide a seamless boutique service from quoting to follow up on clients return. 

We take care of everything so that they can concentrate on what they do best, which is expanding their business.

What we do

We offer a hassle-free, boutique approach to travel management built on experience, knowledge, and personalized service.

End-To-End Travel Management

In order to offer a comprehensive end-to-end travel service, our highly experienced travel consultants will get to know your company and travel habits.

Our Experience

You’re always in safe hands as your committed travel specialist has at least 5 years of experience working in the travel industry. They can function as an extension of your company because of their broad experience, which provides them with a distinctive grasp of your needs and the fares and services that are accessible to you. Your travel advisor will help you plan your trip from beginning to end, coordinating smooth travel booking and reporting to meet your requirements

Our Service Guarantee

You can rest easy knowing you’re never alone when you use TWT Business Travel. Your travel demands will be satisfied round-the-clock thanks to our service guarantee.

Our group of knowledgeable corporate consultants will:

  • Respond to your email in 1 hour.

  • Give you a complete quote within three hours and always present you with three possibilities.

  • When the unexpected threatens to interrupt your business trip, we are here to help you day and night.

Airfares Expertise

Your travel professional has extensive training in creating complex multi-stop itineraries, group reservations, and specialized industry airfares, so they can offer the most affordable options and flights for your business travellers.

The Air Product and Specialist Fares teams assist the travel specialists by keeping them informed of the newest flights and business news. They also have access to all international rates, allowing them to find the best prices for you.

Cost Savings

Your dedicated travel expert will work with you to analyse your travel plans and habits, pointing out opportunities to save costs and get the most out of your trip budget.

Boutique Services

We are the boutique travel management company for you whether you are a small business with regular travellers, a mid-sized business with high spend travellers, or a large business with a small number of travellers.

Groups & Incentives

We handle all your land and air travel needs for each traveller, including airport transfers, flights, lodging, tours, and more. 

We coordinate large group reservations across several travel programs. Our knowledgeable team will ensure that schedules and itineraries are consistently flawlessly planned.

We plan affordable group travel itineraries for 10 to 1000 persons utilising our global resources and negotiation power. You can rely on your committed travel specialist to build a long-lasting relationship that assures you that your travel arrangements are being handled. We are the ideal addition to your team, handling all, some, or just a portion of your group travel needs.

24/7 Emergency Assistance

You have a travel expert ready to help you get back on track when travel difficulties arise. When inclement weather causes your flight to be delayed, public transportation is disrupted, or you just need to rearrange your travel arrangements at the last minute to seal a business transaction, our free emergency assistance available around the clock and personalized approach will help. Whatever the delay, your Business Traveller consultant will phone ahead to reschedule hotel check-ins and airport transfers.

Your business travellers will feel more at ease knowing that a knowledgeable crew is available to them around the clock.

Our Experience
Our Service Guarantee
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